Economic Modernisation Vision

Unleashing Potential to Build the Future


Jordan’s Economic Modernisation Vision centers on the slogan of “A Better Future”, and is based on two strategic pillars: accelerated growth through unleashing Jordan’s full economic potential; improved quality of life for all citizens, while sustainability is a cornerstone of this future vision. Through the first pillar, Jordan can achieve leaps in economic growth and create job opportunities in the next decade, with the continuous growth of citizens’ per capita income. Through the second pillar, it can realize a significant improvement in the quality of life for Jordanians, standing at the forefront of countries in the region in this regard.

Vision’s Pillars

The Economic Modernisation Vision is based on two strategic pillars

Economic Growth Pillar

Unleashing our full potential

Quality of Life Pillar

Improving the Living Standards for All Citizens

Both Pillars Share a Characteristic of


The vision was translated into a strategic implementation plan with key objectives and drivers for implementation

Vision Preparation Approach

Highly inclusive and externally driven


Economic Growth


Quality of Life