Economic Modernisation Vision to provide 99K jobs in tourism sector

Jordan's recently-launched Economic Modernisation Vision aims to provide 99,000 new full-time job opportunities in the tourism sector over the next decade.

The vision's "Destination Jordan" tourism-related economic growth driver seeks to upgrade and manage tourism locations and facilities, develop various tourism products, activate the tourism investment initiative, facilitate travel to and transportation within Jordan, launch low-cost initiatives, and provide services under reasonable prices.

Among the proposed initiatives are also a skills development program, digital tourism initiative, and tourism marketing, in addition to connecting Jordan to a wider tourists-attractive network, enhancing the business identity, updating the sector's data, putting in place global-level standards and rules, improving tourism-related laws, simplifying government transactions, and launching an initiative titled "A Clean, Safe, and Secure Jordan."

The recently-launched vision, which will be implemented in three phases over 10 years, includes 366 initiatives in various sectors as part of eight national economic growth drivers that focus on unleashing Jordan’s full potential to achieve comprehensive sustainable growth and generate job opportunities.

Aimed at meeting the total expected demand for 1 million jobs for Jordanians in the next decade, the vision identifies drivers for employment and economic growth, which will require JD41 million in investments and financing throughout the upcoming decade, the majority of which is expected to come from the private sector, including foreign direct investment and public-private partnership projects.